Tuesday, May 14, 2013

[Toy] Brand-New BATMAN THEMED CANDY TREAT TOYS Spotted at Cracker Barrel!

Toy has posted a new item, 'Brand-New BATMAN THEMED CANDY TREAT TOYS Spotted at
Cracker Barrel!'

Cracker Barrel?! They still exist? Sorry, I don't get out much. WOW! I guess
they still do because an awesome Bat-Blog Fan, named Jim, went there the other
day and found some extremely cool, and very obscure, pieces of Batman
merchandise. Just check out the pic up above!
Yes, they're selling these fun plastic toys filled with bat-shaped hard candy.
One looks like Batman riding in his Batmobile Car (my personal favorite ) and
the other one looks like it might be a large tumbler glass that has a wacky
drinking straw on it???
I gotta get some of these... THEY WILL BE MINE, ha ha!
Oh yeah, before I forget, Jim said they we only $3.99 each, very cool!A special
THANKS goes out to Jim for being cool & thinking about the Bat-Blog Readers. We
always appreciate that, Thanks Dude!

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